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Chemical Packaging

Welcome to CHEMPACK India 2023

CHEMPACK Exhibition


Industrial chemicals are often critical health hazards and need to be handled carefully during packaging and shipping. It has always been a challenging task implementing how to best do it in a Mindful manner. Chemicals that are highly acidic or extremely liquids flammable or basic can cause dangerous harms to living being and environment. Chemical packaging challenges are manifold including prevention of spillage, health hazards, physical hazards, Environmental Hazards etc. If done improperly, the industrial chemical can have a long-lasting negative impact on the environment, can cause harm to the end user or the warehouse workers, or can just be rendered ineffective. For best results Chemical packaging process must be automated with minimal human intervention.


Indus Exposium Pvt Ltd.

Indus Exposium is a professionally owned and managed start-up established in Aug 2012. IE provides industry with integrated multiple media & business information platforms through a portfolio of content-full  conferences & seminars, workshops and exhibitions. Led by a team of industry experts, IE endeavors to create research based platforms that facilitate information sharing and growth. Young team of professionals with over 50 years of cumulative experience in B2B Exhibition, Conferences and Trade Shows. Team members have International experience & outstanding professional track record with world leading organizations like Reed Elsevier Group, Images Group, ITE Plc. and TAFCON. Successfully delivered over 100 projects in diverse verticals markets in India & overseas. IE have Excellent business relationships & networking with governments, project partners, trade and allied agencies across a spectrum of industries and markets.
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